About Us is not your ordinary website; it is a hyper-local hub designed to promote community and economic development. Spearheaded by community members who understand the essence of Topsail Island, this website acts as a beacon of unity, keeping everyone abreast of daily life, entertainment, local schools, housing news, and everything else that contributes to the fabric of this coastal paradise.

At the heart of the initiative lies the unwavering dedication to community involvement. Through, residents and visitors are empowered with information about upcoming events, both local and major regional ones, including professional sports and community fairs. This ensures that there is never a dull moment on Topsail Island, and that everyone can partake in the activities that bring joy and togetherness.

A significant feature of the website is its business directory, which serves as a lifeline for local entrepreneurs. By providing a platform for businesses to showcase their offerings, connects consumers with the services they need while driving economic growth within the community. This virtuous cycle of supporting local businesses fosters prosperity for the entire region, making Topsail Island a truly self-sustaining haven. was built by Discover Maestro, a veteran-owned marketing agency with an impressive track record of developing community websites using cutting-edge technologies. Over the past decade, Discover Maestro has mastered the art of creating digital platforms that truly represent the essence of a locality, and now they are lending their expertise to highlight the unique charm of Topsail Island.  Discover Maestro will leverage their Discover sites across the country with millions of yearly visits, along with over 200,000 of their social media group members and page followers to showcase Topsail Island as a destination location. 

Through a partnership with local community members, Discover Maestro ensures that the soul of Topsail Island remains intact in every aspect of the website. The collaboration ensures that the website represents the authentic voice of the community and brings forth the true spirit of Topsail Island.

With a planned completion date in the 2023/2024 timeframe, the anticipation for is palpable. As the website comes to life, it is poised to become the go-to resource for locals and tourists alike. Whether you seek information on the latest events, want to explore the local business scene, or simply wish to immerse yourself in the vibrant life of Topsail Island, this website will be your one-stop destination. In conclusion, is set to revolutionize the way Topsail Island is experienced and cherished.

By combining community involvement, cutting-edge technology, and a passion for promoting local businesses, this website will breathe new life into Topsail Island's already captivating allure. Discover Maestro and the local dedicated community members are on a mission to make a thriving digital ecosystem that will inspire and uplift the entire Topsail Island community.

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