Missiles and More Museum

Missiles and More Museum
720 Channel Blvd
Topsail Beach, NC 28445
United States


Discover the Rich History at the Missiles and More Museum

Nestled in the scenic Topsail Beach, North Carolina, the Missiles and More Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the region’s rich history and unique contributions to science and technology. Whether you are a history buff, a military enthusiast, or simply looking for an intriguing day out, this museum has something for everyone.

A Journey Through Time
Established in 1995, the Missiles and More Museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the diverse heritage of Topsail Island. The museum is housed in a historical building that was once part of Operation Bumblebee, a secret missile project conducted by the U.S. Navy during World War II. This unique backdrop adds an authentic touch to the exhibits, making history come alive for visitors.

Key Exhibits and Attractions
Operation Bumblebee

The centerpiece of the museum is the Operation Bumblebee exhibit, which details the Navy’s pioneering missile tests conducted on Topsail Island from 1946 to 1948. This project was crucial in the development of modern guided missile technology, and the exhibit includes original artifacts, photographs, and detailed explanations of the tests and their significance.

Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP)

The museum honors the brave women of the WASP program who served as civilian pilots during World War II. This exhibit showcases their invaluable contributions to the war effort, featuring uniforms, personal stories, and a tribute to their legacy.

Pirates of the Carolinas

Dive into the swashbuckling past with the Pirates of the Carolinas exhibit. Learn about the infamous pirates who roamed the Carolina coast, including the notorious Blackbeard. This interactive exhibit is a hit with visitors of all ages, offering a thrilling glimpse into the life of a pirate.

Native American Heritage

Explore the rich cultural history of the Native American tribes who inhabited the region long before European settlers arrived. This exhibit features artifacts, tools, and stories that highlight the traditions and lifestyle of the indigenous peoples of Topsail Island.

Educational Programs and Events
The Missiles and More Museum is not just a place to view exhibits; it is also a hub for educational programs and community events. The museum offers guided tours, guest lectures, and hands-on activities for children and adults alike. These programs are designed to educate and inspire, making history accessible and engaging for all visitors.

Plan Your Visit
Located at 720 Channel Boulevard, the Missiles and More Museum is open from April through October, with special hours during the off-season. Admission is free, but donations are greatly appreciated to help maintain the exhibits and support the museum’s educational initiatives.

Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist visiting Topsail Beach, a trip to the Missiles and More Museum is a must. Experience the intriguing history, learn about the technological advancements, and enjoy a day filled with discovery and education.

The Missiles and More Museum offers a unique and enriching experience that highlights the historical and cultural significance of Topsail Island. With its diverse exhibits and educational programs, it provides a comprehensive look at the area’s past and its contributions to history. Plan your visit today and step into a world where history meets innovation.

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